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Ólavur á Lofti - VD
Architekt MAA

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Chanette P Fródidottir - VICE VD

LOFTI arkitekter AB

Jöns filsgatan 15 Malmö Sverige


”Instead of having moments of pleasure in life, it is our goal, that people shall have a lifetime/everyday life of pleasure”

Who are we?

LOFTI started in 2004 by Ólavur á Lofti, architect MAA (cand.arch. from the Royal Danish Academy) and Architectural Technology and Construction Manager MAK (bygningskonstruktör BTH).

LOFTI has much experience of design, engineering and construction management in the last 16 years, as self-employed and employed in architectural offices in Copenhagen, among others: Henning Larsen Tegnestue. With background in Danish architectural training, Danish Architectural Technology and Construction Management and Carpenter training we have taken on construction tasks in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Faroe Islands.

What do we want?
On the architectural firm LOFTI Architects AB, we have the basic philosophy, which is based on getting the individual’s life and the aesthetics of the architecture to blend together into one unit. The starting point is to create architecturally challenging rooms, based on the life of those who will use and live in these areas. Architectural spaces shall be exciting, surprising and harmonious for the individual to function and live in. This feeling we create in interplay between form, material, light and landscape that surrounds the building.

How do we create?
Our architecture is based on modern Scandinavian minimalism, where simplicity is the starting point. The interaction between the form and facades gives the feeling of nature coming into the building while creating rooms outside, that people can easily go into. Outdoor spaces, which are an extension of indoor spaces. Designed so that they are most useful in relation to weather. In the old Nordic construction method houses and buildings were adapted to the environment og weather. We take the basis of this way of thinking that created virtually maintenance-free homes and create a harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces, which was sheltered from the elements.


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